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The term “Freelance” or “Freelancing” has been around for many years...
But you only have heard of it recently. Why is that?
Because you were taught to believe that if you wanted to make money, 9-5 was the only option. It’s not!

I’m Andres Sanchez and I started this blog with a couple of friends to tell you that freelancing is super easy to get into!
Regardless of your nationality, gender, color, etc. you can get started in freelancing right now! Not in the way like ‘gurus’ claim you can make thousands of dollars a week by following their steps, but in a more real way!

With us, you won’t find the classic type of guys who are just looking to sell you something, no. What you’ll find is informative and engaging content about the sites, tools, mistakes and anything you can think of regarding online freelancing.
And when we’re not on the site interacting with our readers, you can find us on social media in Facebook, Twitter or even in online forums like Quora or Reddit where we help people like you to get into freelancing!